Contracted to assist with campaign and triggered email development. Moved templates and contacts from Sailthru to Mailchimp. Coordinated with graphic designer in establishing style guide specs.

Updated Campaign Template
for simplified email development (WYSIWYG)

• add or remove sections
• editable copy, images, colors and links
• responsive layout with collapsing mobile menu

Sphero Mailchimp email template

Shane Co.

  • Development and testing of campaign, transactional and triggered email templates
  • 10-20 campaign emails per month, plus regular updates to triggered and transactional templates
  • Utilizing customized content in both Silverpop and Emarsys platforms

(unless otherwise noted, graphics and copy provided by the Marketing team)

campaign template

• responsive layout
• dynamic store locator component
• several component configuration options

2019 Shane Co. Campaign Email Template Design

Layaway template
with JSON-populated content

campaign template

• responsive layout
• dynamic store locator component based on the recipient’s state (dev+design)

Gmail User component
to help ensure emails are visible in their primary inbox (dev+design)

campaign template

• dynamic store locator component (dev+design)
• dynamic opt-in component for those customers who haven’t yet subscribed to regular weekly promotional campaigns (dev+design)

Triggered template
Anniversary Reminder
• one of three award badge banners are displayed depending on the recipient’s region
• dynamic content placeholders


Anniversary Reminder triggered email template - 2014

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